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image of a cheetah representing kdb fast data analytics - KX

At the heart of all KX technology is kdb – the world’s fastest time series database and real time analytics engine. kdb enables application builders to add real-time capabilities to Python workloads, SQL queries, AI, and ML tools. We power insight seekers like data engineers and data scientists to create value from real-time, streaming, and relational datasets by providing continuous, context-rich insights to accelerate decision-making and innovation. Accelerate your transformation to a real-time intelligent enterprise.

30 Day Free Trial

kdb Insights Enterprise

Integrated data management and time series engine for data scientists and analysts to create robust, production-ready data-driven AI and ML applications through an easy-to-use interface.

  • Built on kdb+
  • Multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-prem
  • Elastic scalability
  • IAM & Auth


30 Day Free Trial

kdb Insights

Cloud-ready time series analytics engine that enables data engineering teams to discover the power of the kdb for enhanced ML and AI across all their favourite analytic tools.

  • Built on kdb+
  • Object storage and REST support
  • Pluggable microservices
  • Program in SQL and q


12 Month Free Trial


Designed for developers to experience the world’s fastest time series database and analytics engine to code faster and deliver business value at the speed of thought.

  • Fastest query speed
  • In-memory compute engine
  • Extreme scalability
  • Program in q


Ready to buy kdb now

KX offers a wide range of commercial licenses including subscription, on demand and OEMs. Get in touch with our team to request the offering which best fits your needs.

kdb for academic use

KX offers an academic package to all institutions that would like to use kdb+ for research and/or teaching purposes. The package includes access to kdb+ licenses, training workshops and more.




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