KX Insiders


In our first episode we talk about pykdb our new pythonic platform and interoperability with industry-standard tooling and visualization services. We also talk about the exciting updates to the KX Academy and community initiatives such as our upcoming hackathon scheduled for March 2022.


In our second episode we discuss with Dr Ferenc Bodon and Peter Nabicht of STAC, the fourteen world records that KX has achieved through the STAC benchmarking tools. TAC, the industry standard for testing solutions that enable high-speed analytics on time-series data have once again confirmed that KX continues to dominate the space, increasing our previous speeds across all twenty-four Kanaga tests.


In this episode of KX Insiders I am joined by Technical Evangelist Paul Carroll as we take a short, whistle-stop tour of KX Insights, our new cloud-first, real-time streaming analytics platform. I also talk about our upcoming community hackathon and provide information on how participants can register.


In this episode we are joined by Data Scientist Conor Moran as we discuss the internet phenomenon Wordle and how KX Community members such as Nick Psaris have used the power of kdb to solve the daily challenges.


In this episode we sit down with Conor McCarthy to discuss PyKX and how we are enabling kdb+ integration with the Python ecosystem for data science and artificial intelligence workloads.

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