MARCH 20 2023 | ONLINE | 3 HOURS

KX Online Introductory Workshop – Hong Kong & London

Young Developers Working Late In Their Start-up Home Office - KX

KX Introductory Workshop Overview

KX Courses are a great way to learn about KX technology in a hands-on, live environment, where participants will solve real business problems.

This workshop focuses on the most common practical uses of q/kdb+ while highlighting the advantages of using q/kdb+ and APIs to analyze massive data sets. Developers will learn how to query large tables, combine them using bi-temporal joins and write their own functions.

On completion of this course, developers can take a final quiz to test their knowledge, and if they achieve over 70%, they will receive a KX Certificate that can be shared on social media.

This workshop is designed for beginners and doesn’t require prior knowledge of q/kdb+. It is aimed at users who want to get the basics of the q language so as to be able to query kdb+ data effectively.

Useful Resources

If you’d like to optimize your learning experience, we recommend the following resources: 

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KX 3 Hour Online Introductory Workshop London/Hong Kong – 20th MARCH 2023

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