Introducing the Data Timehouse 
A New Class of Data & AI Management Platform


Data Timehouse – where cloud data warehouse
and lakehouse meet temporal data.
Ashok Reddy, CEO, KX


Data Timehouse - KX

Data Timehouse

A data timehouse is a new class of data & AI management platform designed for temporal data generated by digital transformation.

Industry Map


Use time series data to create and run virtual clinical trials. Collect real world evidence to identify patients with similar combinations of diagnoses. Use historic enrolment rates to predict time needed to run a new trials.


Use time series data for observability and analytics to enable self-healing, self-optimizing networks for the fastest, most reliable network services.


Use time series data to back-test hypotheses for trading algorithms, and stream signals to trading systems for real-time buy/sell recommendations.


Use time series data for observability of machine and plant operations. Anomaly detection analytics enable predictive maintenance of high-tech manufacturing equipment.


Use time series data in autonomous driving, connected cars, digital services, high-tech manufacturing and motorsport for faster more effective insights.

Energy & Utilities

Use time series data for unmatched performance, fault resilience, and scalability to support hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of sensors and smart measurement devices with ease.

What Is A Data Timehouse? 

Stuffing time into a traditional data warehouse doesn’t work. It’s time to move to a data timehouse. A data timehouse is a new class of data & AI management platform designed for temporal data generated by digital transformation. They enrich traditional data warehouse and lakehouse stores for a more complete, real-time view of the business to enable better decision making at the speed of thought. With a data timehouse developers, data scientists, and engineers can now deliver rich informed insights from their data and applications – faster than ever before.

How Does A Data Timehouse Deliver Value?

The new data timehouse targets business applications where the processing and analysis of time series and machine data is a critical business requirement—such as financial market data, network data in the telecoms industry, patient data in healthcare, and sensor data from factory equipment and smart energy meters. Capturing all this temporal data in a timehouse is enabling businesses worldwide to deliver more insight from more data, faster, for a fraction of the cost, driving more business value, instant insights, more comprehensive AI models, and reduced risk.


Three Benefits of Deploying a Data Timehouse


An AIfirst category: training to feature store to live model inference.


Transformative for Generative AI transformers. 


Proven to deliver massive efficiency and performance savings. 

Bringing Data to Data Science

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