Designed to radically improve energy, utility, and industrial IoT applications and systems our streaming platform provides unmatched performance, fault resilience, and scalability to support hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of sensors and measurement devices with ease.

Our high-performance historian and streaming analytics platform is ideally suited for ingesting, processing, and analyzing streaming and historical data from advanced metering infrastructure, SCADA, Phasor Management Units, distributed energy resources, and field devices.

To DER or not to DER Part II

In this recorded webinar, take a deeper dive into the DSO and the role they will play to ensure grid resilience and reliability while driving decarbonization and democratization of energy that flows through their network.

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Data Management: meter data management, data hubs, analytics, market settlements, data access, smart home IoT

Energy & Grid Management: SCADA, ADMS, PMUs – historian, grid and asset operational analytics, fault detection

Asset Monitoring & Prediction: distribution system operational analytics, distributed and renewable energy resource management, forecasting, asset and vegetation management

Oil & Gas Field Services Intelligence and Analytics


Utilising our integrated platform customers have delivered improvements in situational awareness across grid / fleet assets, asset utilization, customer service levels, field yield and processing efficiency, and in costs of operations and service delivery.

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Key Highlights

Performance – Fast and Proven Technology

Ideally suited for addressing the performance and scalability challenges of high-volume data ingestion, processing, retrieval, analytics, and machine learning our platform can validate and estimate sensor and smart meter data at millions of readings per second. KX can also aggregate billions of measurement records in seconds and store and analyze trillions of records and diverse data sources. Customers have benefited from:

10x to 500x improved performance
90% less infrastructure
lower total operating costs with improved scalability
reduced time to market through our proven big data technology and expertise

Advanced Analytics and Bitemporal Modelling

Many companies today are using less than 10% of the sensor data they collect and are not able to keep up with the Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) processes needed to support big data analytics systems because of the high volume and velocity of data. To combat VEE system overload, KX has an integrated VEE and analytics solution for ingesting, validating, estimating and analyzing massive amounts of streaming, real-time and historical data from sensors, devices, and other data sources.

Our platform also enables bitemporal modelling of sensor data and attributes with nanosecond precision enabling you to easily and quickly navigate through time enabling continuous analytics, avoiding the need to pause and ensuring forensic auditability and traceability of updates to data.

Distributed and Renewable Energy Resources (DER) Management

KX is particularly useful for utilities looking to better manage DER – such as solar panels, electricity storage, electric vehicles and other controllable loads – given the intermittency and variability of the outputs. Integrated, continuous data analytics can also be used to vastly improve situational awareness for other types of energy asset management – linking SCADA, micro-phasor and behind-the-meter data, to more accurately predict the state of the power system and take action.

Due to its small footprint KX can provide big data and analytics close to where data is collected enabling utilities and solution providers to detect and predict conditions more quickly than ever before, improving availability, optimizing maintenance and longevity of their assets.


KX technology enables integration with legacy systems and multiple data sources to either augment or replace existing historians and allowing you to extend and customize your data analytics applications to support your unique requirements. Use a connector framework to integrate with IT/OT systems, including:

APIs for .NET, Java, C, C++, Python, R, ODBC, Matlab, and Excel
APIs for synchronizing master and reference data with other systems, including assets, locations, sensors, and sensor measurements, with built in-audit trails

Fingrid CGI Customer Success Story - KX

KX and CGI Power Electricity Information Exchange for 3.8 Million Consumers in Finland

  • Improved operational efficiency with a real-time view of data
    quality and settlement processes.
  • Minimal infrastructure requirements and solution complexity
    reduce the cost of operations and service delivery.
  • Simplified, faster, and enhanced efficiency of data exchange
    across the retail electricity market.
  • Enhanced capability to create new products and services,
    such as energy flexibility.
  • Supports the EU’s transition to a fossil-fuel-free society.



Prosumers, with their unique ability to return power to the grid, have introduced a bi-directional flow of energy, creating increased supply variability.


Utilities are making significant investments in advanced metering to capture and blend large amounts of different time-oriented data sets at highly frequent intervals. As big data becomes a core element of digitized energy systems it is essential that utilities and application providers can handle, process and analyze increasing sources and volumes of time-series data. This is where KX can help.


Delivering a centralized electricity information exchange: KX provides the MDM and settlement functions, involving large amounts of time-series data, both historical and real-time for CGI’s Central Markets System (CMS) for a European transmission system operator.


Transaction system and data warehouse: A North American ISO, installed KX for Sensors alongside the existing system, de-risking their project, yet still providing new services including analytics and querying capabilities to over 5 million customers on trillions of data points spanning over seven years of collection history.

Improving system reliability: As part of Survalent Technology’s ADMS platform SurvalentONE, KX provides real-time advanced network analytics capabilities, with improved system reliability – enabling services such as ‘playback’ allowing the replay of grid sensor data and activities.